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"Save the Republic".  It is time to Stand Up or Shut Up! If you are tired of seeing this great country being apologized for, If you "DID BUILD IT", If you want your elected leaders to not only "TALK THE TALK, BUT ALSO WALK THE WALK"! Then this rally is for you!

Speakers: Tea Party Approved only: State Senator Elect Nathan Dahm, State Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze, J.W. Berry (Founder and Executive OKforTEA), Tom Counts (Executive Director for OKforTEA), Matthew Vermillion (Host of OKforTEA Radio and Station Owner of, Ronda Vuillemont-Smith (President of Tulsa 9/12 Project), Jennie White (Restoring Oklahoma Public Education), Amanda Teegarden (OK-SAFE), Charles Barthel (Fair Tax) and others.


Sponsors for the event were: Tulsa 9/12 Project, 1170 KFAQ, Tulsa Beacon and OKforTEA.

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Click on the Tag above to get your Don't Tread On Me Oklahoma Licsense Plate, Thank you Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze for creating the bill to make this possible.


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